About Me

Rose Hammond ABR, GRI 


Mission Statement


Rose’s Realty, Inc. was founded January 26, 1995 in Selma, North Carolina. Rose Hammond is a licensed real estate broker and managed two real estate firms since obtaining her license in 1987. Rose was elected President of the Johnston County Association of Realtors in 1994 and Realtor of the Year. Her experience, knowledge and the ability to sell real estate and assist buyers throughout the complicated process of buying a home, land, or any real estate investment has helped hundreds of people over the past two decades. Based on this experience, a new revised mission statement is being implemented.


All actions must be beneficial

Everything done is to the benefit of the buyer or seller, tenant or landlord. Benefits include compensation, satisfaction and results.  

Strive for excellent customer service.

Reputation speaks volumes. Excellent customer service is our goal.  It is not possible to satisfy everyone every time but the goal is do the best possible.

Make sound financial decisions.

Finances are important to buyers because it is the largest purchase you will ever make. Sellers must obtain as much for the property as possible. Once it is sold, it is gone. Working the numbers is very important to the process of every real estate transaction.  

Strive to be the best and get better.

Train through real estate classes, community involvement, knowledge of the market and staying active with other local real estate professionals. We may not know all the answers but we can find out. Every buyer, property and situation is handled based on the personal needs of the individuals.

Treat everyone as we wish to be treated.

Strive everyday to be better than the day before.  Work twice as hard for less than anyone else. Accomplish more than is expected.

 As we are blessed, we shall bless others.